Bits of Tid II

Farewell to a Former Florida Marlin
Mike Piazza announced his retirement today. I, like many of you, exclaimed, “was Mike Piazza still playing?” Well the answer was and shall now remain a resounding no. It seems Piazza was floating in the murky waters of this year’s free agent pool hoping to be picked up. I guess it took a little over a month for Mike to take the hint. His announcement, though unsurprising, does allow us ample opportunity to honor one of the game’s more prolific offensive catchers.

Jose Canseco proved once again that he probably shouldn’t be raising himself. News surfaced that the one time Oakland A’s outfielder is now considering a life as a boxer. In fact he will not be training as an up and comer but will instead take the path less traveled and become an instant washed up has been. The fight is scheduled for July 21st with the challenger picking up a purse of $5,000. With the fight taking place in an Atlantic City Independent baseball stadium, it is a shame no one will see the event. I do enjoy uncomfortable social situations.

News surfaced today that Charles Barkley paid the $400,000 he owed the Wynn Casino. The prosecutor’s fee of $40,000 was still outstanding. Barkley assured he would pay the fee immediately and admitted he was caught unaware of the charge.

In other news it was a really slow sports news day.


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