NL Central


Lets work from the bottom up here.  The Pirates are essentially The University of Pennsylvania baseball team with a nicer stadium to play in.  You can’t approach their team with what they lack because it is so bountiful.  Instead lets look at what they have. Andrew McCutchen.  There that is it.  So, let’s move on. 

The Reds have pitchers but they will again be slain at the hands of Dusty Baker.  The Astros have mediocrity so that’s a plus if you aim for the middle of the pack.  The Cubs still have that goat thing hanging around their neck.  Which brings us to the teams that matter.

The obvious clear cut favorite in this division of miscreants is St. Louis.  They have the best tandem of pitchers in the league and Albert Pujols. Both will be enough to reach the playoffs. 

The main point I want to make here is the underrated talent of the Brewers.  Most have this team finishing third or later.  I struggle to find the reasoning in a division of average ball clubs. They have a decent rotation with a solid bullpen.  Milwaukee’s lineup has both power and speed.  This should be no challenge to bypass Chicago’s curse or the Astros patchiness.


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