If you have landed on this page you are either remarkably lost or happen to be a family member. Seeing as how you are here anyway, you may as well take a look around.

Feel free to snoop, rummage and rifle through the proverbial medicine cabinet as you glimpse some of the work I’ve posted on this wild contraption called the Internet.

I have been a freelance writer since 2010 when I accepted an offer to contribute to the then burgeoning sports website Bleacher Report.

For the next few years, I would see myself and my colleagues contribute to a powerful brand that solidified itself among some of the greater voices in the sports landscape.

My time there was exciting, exhausting and wonderful. It offered me opportunities to not only become a lead writer and host my own blog but to also work with the video team for weekly segments and to also appear on HLN and CNN as an expert on sports and pop culture.

From there I moved onto the travel world and explored a new side of writing with TravelPulse, engaging readers with columns, food blogs, dispatches and even tech reviews.

I have also spent a good amount of time contributing to Forbes SportsMoney with columns on topical events taking place throughout the sports world, all the while bridging each story with a tilt toward business and pop culture.

This website offers a snapshot of my work, including blog posts and other fare you will find on the additional pages.

If you like, take a gander at what I have done on various websites.

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