Food for Thought

Juan in a Million
CNNSI had a great article today. Basically it outlined the worst free agent signings of the past few years. It got me thinking about the worst signing that almost was. After having a horrible season in 2000, the Detroit Tigers offered Juan Gonzalez an 8 year 150 million dollar contract the next year. Mr. Gonzalez, being a shrewd business man, declined the ill-advised offer. Had the honorable Juan-Gone been a human with logical decision making abilities he would have accepted and the Tigers would still be paying him. Imagine how bad the Tigers would be then. They wouldn’t have Miguel “one more burrito” Cabrera or Gary “i used to hit real well huh?” Sheffield. As it is they are sitting at 4-10. Perhaps they need to look again at Juan Gonzalez. It couldn’t hurt at this stage.

Barry Sucks
Barry “the one that should probably start taking steroids” Zito was recently quoted after a loss “It’s just a fine line, I feel good about the way I’m throwing and have to stick with that.” I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the problem is exactly the way you are pitching. Maybe pitch a little faster than 84. But good signing Sabean.

While we are at it. Jered Weaver’s brother has a job now. Too bad for the Brewers that his job consists of pitching. Does anyone check resumes anymore? I would definitely double check Jeff Weaver’s references. At least he only has a minor league contract. However, I would be more than happy to give up home runs for half of his $12000 a month salary.

Woo Hoo
In exciting Dodger news, Nomar has been activated. Awesome, if you need me I’ll be over here rolling my eyes. Is it me or should Nomar and J.D. Drew do commercials for Blue Cross. Either way I have a strong feeling there is a nice hamstring injury due to the former batting champ soon.


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