Uncle Darrow’s

Once in a while I visit an eatery that typifies passion and dedication. I recently visited Uncle Darrow’s Cajun eatery and realized why I love this place. The owner Ronald and the rest of the staff just plain care.

Upon entering the establishment you are typically greeted and asked if you are visiting for your first time. If it is, be prepared for a friendly rundown of the menu and some free samples. I would recommend limiting your samples as you will want to order everything you taste.

Here is the overlying problem with Uncle Darrow’s. The food is not good for a motivated person. My favorite Po’ Boy is the Zeke. It is a combination of bread, fried catfish, fried shrimp, and potato salad. You see, there is no way to get any errands done after eating a sandwich like that. I recently had half a Zeke, jambalaya, and gumbo from Uncle Darrow’s. I immediately went home and stared at a wall for three hours.

Normally food of this weight would be hard to get through. It can be easy to over fry or under fry and get the food all greasy. This is far from true at Uncle Darrow’s. The seafood is always served hot, fresh, and crispy. My favorite side may just be their File Gumbo, a sopping concoction of shrimp, crab, and sausage with a hint of spice.

Either way I cannot recommend this place enough. I would just pencil in a nap after visiting.


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