Thanksgiving Plus One

First day back in the office from Thanksgiving and the workers are moving a bit slower than usual. It could be that mono is spreading through the walls like wildfire or we are all stuffed from the holiday weekend.

I want to go ahead and say its the latter as I have heard no less than 20 times since this morning the following discussion.

Worker Bee 1: How was your weekend?

Worker Bee 2: Oh man I ate so much!

Worker Bee 1 (feigning astonishment): Me too!

This is the point that I walk right past the break room. The only thing more banal then mundane obligatory conversation is mundane obligatory annual conversation. Yes I know you ate a lot this past weekend, I did too. In fact there is a national fucking holiday commemorating the first turkey to get his ass stuffed and served to a bunch of wahoos. Actually it may have been Navajo. I’ve never been good at the geography of Indian tribes.


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