The Flying Pig

A few years back it would be that a truck serving food on the street had either burgers, tacos, burritos, or greasy fish sandwiches that assured you a couple of sick days from work. Times and options have changed. Many already know the bounty of flavors that fall onto the curb at various Kogi Taco trucks. But I was recently able to try a new culinary coach.

The Flying Pig is, well, cute. The truck is pink and light blue and adorned with flying pigs . The staff is welcoming and the food delightful. Their mantra reads on the side of the truck “The perfect blend of Asian & Pacific Rim flavors with French technique.” I must admit I was wary. You just don’t find solid food stuff at pink locales. It may be an unwritten rule but it should probably be inscribed somewhere.

But I liked it. I understand delightful may not be the best way to describe some food experiences but it is spot on in this case. I even had a slight smirk after finishing my meal. This mostly had to do with the food. But it partially had to do with the fact that I was not suffering from the stomach pains that usually accompany a trip to the local taco truck.

The braised pork belly is served as most Korean style steamed buns, open face. This meant two things: the bun was attractive. The pork sat tucked away in the folds of the soft dough and the pink colors of the onion escabeche poked out. The bun was also fun to eat. Because it was opened on one side it was like a puffy taco with sweet Korean-style meat inside.

I continued with a “snack” of crab balls that, to my enjoyment, tasted a great deal like crab. In fact the crab taste rather overpowered the accompanying chimchurri. Now I could not stop at a taco truck and not get a taco. I opted for the spicy pork. It was good. The meat was prepared well and seasoned properly. Yet the tortilla was a bit greasy and not soft nor was it hard. It found itself in taco shell purgatory. In this instance the tacos are better elsewhere. But all in all it was well worth the stop. As an added bonus I had to wait all of five seconds to order as opposed to the Kogi taco soup lines that take hours to get through.


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