Sometimes a dish can get overlooked when a restaurant specializes in other faire. The Huevos Racheros at El Tepeyac is probably the best breakfast dish in Los Angeles. It gets overlooked sadly because the place makes such great burritos. The “Godmother” sandwich from Bay Cities in Santa Monica is lauded as a crucial stop for all of those craving a delicious sandwich. Yet many would bypass a simple fresh loaf of bread from the place. The warm batch held in the back of the store is a must stop and grab.

I had the pleasure of stopping by one of the better sushi joints Culver City. Sakura’s on Centinela hardly ever misses with their sushi. But I was forced to order off the main menu this time as I was told they also had one of the better bowls of Ramen in town.

They do. The Tanmen is a cure all for what might ail you. It is an amalgamation of stir-fried beef, chicken, shrimp, pork, veggies, and ramen, Where other places make you choose your protein Sakura’s demands that you try to figure out which is your favorite. By the end of the meal I was still unsure so I must order this dish time and again until I figure it out.


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