Today everyone is losing their shit. I can see the reason to a point. Lost is a great show but the premise is starting to wear thin with me. A show that makes me feel like a five year-old after every episode, sign me up! I’m asking the most inane questions ten minutes later. Why is there a polar bear on the island? Why does the island move? Why does Sawyer get to bang everyone? How come I can smell Hugo from here? Oh, thats me.

Despite my frustrations LOST has proven that Science Fiction can rule the ratings if you use it in moderation and overlay every episode in more secrets than discoveries.

I go into this season with little to no hopes that any questions will actually be answered. That way I can come out of this in 16 weeks with a smile and knowledge that the writers did not best my expectations. In all reality, I will most likely be cursing at the TV as vital plot points are ignored and Sawyer defiles another Lostee. Maybe Rose, the country needs it.


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