Super Pho and Teriyaki

So continuing with my on again off again World Cup Bender, I came home last night and died. I literally died. It wasn’t a nap because when I woke up I felt like a zombie and my apartment smelt like death.

In comes little brother, just in time to drive to get us something to eat. Both stomachs a bit sour from the whole celebrating every goal with a toast thing, we decided on soup. Ramen. It being late we thought it was a sure fire Jack in the Crack night though. But passing the little shops on Venice in Culver City we passed by a little place offering pho. The real selling point was the OPEN sign lighting up the sidewalk at 10:30 on a Wednesday.

We started with the BBQ pork which came with two dipping sauce friends on either side. One a tangy sweet and sour sauce and the other was a hot mustard. Incidentally, while tasty, the hot mustard may take you to the brink of acceptable table behavior. So small servings of that from now on.

The true dope was the huge bowl of pho I got. Everything was clean. This helps when your throw down rare steak, tripe, and tendon. Nothing was chewy and the whole meal was delicate in a very good way. The quality of the meat and broth was so good I can’t wait to go again to try their kalbi or teriyaki plates. A true whole in the wall that settles the stomach.


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