Some things in life are indeed free.  I am of course referring to the Sky Mall catalog.  Perfectly free, with your $400 plane ticket.  Regardless, you can take this home with you after your flight completely gratis.  I actually did.  And from this is our first installment of,  IT CAME FROM SKY MALL.

Most things in SKY MALL are charming, whimsical items that will not necessarily get you killed.  This item will not only get you killed it will get you good and killed.  I give you the PASSENGER SEAT OFFICE:

For when texting just isn’t distracting enough.

Now there is one caveat.  It does say in faint red type that this is not for use while driving.  But let’s delve into the market they are selling here:

1) A person who’s GPS, iPOD, cell phone, are just not enough accoutrement to their driving experience.  They now need a filing system, computer, and printer.  I thought this is what offices were invented for.  That and looking up articles on silly gadgets sold by Sky Mall. 

2)  You need a busy person.  Homegirl is not only talking on the phone, typing, and printing.  She is collating!  If she had any more hands she would find something to tickle.  A real go getter I am sure she is relaying on the phone “Sorry Margaret, I would love to come for lunch but I am doing EVERYTHING right now.  Maybe later when I’m only doing a few things.”  But please note that she is not driving for that would be unreasonable in this setting.

3) The person is shopping from Sky Mall.  So the above picture no matter how absurd looks absolutely plausible when you’re shopping at a cruising altitude.


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